Affiliation Options

1. Management contract

Some hospital boards prefer to continue operations independent of another organization.  In order to maintain its autonomy the board of directors may seek outside assistance with the day-to-day operations.  Curae Health leadership has provided contract management to ensure the hospital’s desired autonomy

2. Lease

Some hospital boards no longer have a desire to operate the hospital but want to retain ownership of the assets.  Long-term leasing allows the board to achieve its desire to retain ownership of the assets, ensure a long term operator is in place, but no longer be financially responsible for the hospital operations.

3. Joint venture

A hospital board may desire to retain partial ownership of the assets but also seeks a partner that has operational expertise to compliment the hospital’s current management structure.  Curae Health can serve as a joint venture partner to help achieve the desired results.

4. Merger

In some situations a hospital may desire to become part of a larger health system.  Curae Health can evaluate the potential merger of assets with an existing not-for-profit corporation to ensure sustainability of the hospital long term.

5. Acquisition

A hospital board may desire to completely divest itself of its healthcare operations.  Curae Health, through a due diligence process, can evaluate the value of the operations to ensure the long term viability.